My name is Daniel Gordon and I’m your writer.

If you're looking to increase your audience engagement and elevate your business development, I'm your guy.

Do you need to fine-tune your collateral and messaging? Yes, you do. Continuously. That's why you're here. That's why I'm here.

Are you underachieving with some combination of mediocre content, inconsistent marketing, a fragmented workflow and black hat SEO tactics? Listen:

When you hire me, you're hiring a true writer. This is what I do. Writing is my art, and I'm classically trained. I went to school for this...and I was pretty damn good at it even before that. Yeah, I know grammar and AP style. I know words. I know how to use a thesaurus. But that's not what it's about.

I write the same way I live - with passion, pride, and a beer when socially acceptable. A lot of writers chug caffeine and pound on their keyboard. They sit inside tensed up all day. I'm sure they're great writers, too, but that's just not me. I write with finesse, a sense of calm that can only be attained through pure confidence in oneself. I thrive on fresh air. I like to sit by the water. I like beaches, parks, and skyline views. Oh, and you may be surprised to learn that most of my first drafts are actually written, as in, ink on paper. That's kind of unorthodox these days, right?

I do this day in and day out. For me, every project is a blank canvas – a new opportunity to create. I'm extremely grateful to be doing what I love for a living, and I have each of my clients, mentors and colleagues to thank for that. I could never let you down or leave you hanging. I'll always hold myself to the highest standards of excellence, integrity and accountability. I'll always be getting better every day, and my personal deadline is always two days before our agreed upon deadline.

I'm a natural writer with winning ways. Enough about me, though. I want to write for you.



Prolific yet precise. Consistent yet creative.


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A brand's best messenger. An agency's best friend.





They're saying good things.

“An intuitive and gifted writer, Dan has delivered on-target copy for our print and digital marketing materials time and time again. We attribute much of the success of our collateral, website content and blog to Dan’s extraordinary skills. He has the unique ability to communicate our industry expertise in an artful blend of authenticity and approachability, all while maintaining a professional tone."
Creative Director - New York, NY

“Dan is a cornerstone for any marketing team that seeks long-term success and continuity. It goes without saying that he can sure write engaging copy. Dan has an uncanny understanding of how to convert objectives into clear, concise messaging.”

Packaging Director - Brooklyn, NY

“Dan is a top-tier writer, an underrated editor, and an inspiring team leader who pushes to develop a high volume of diverse and conceptual content for our expanding audience. Perhaps most importantly, he is a positive and dedicated spirit – an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Graphic Designer - New York, NY

“The sign of a great writer is an ability to write fluently on multiple subjects. Whether it’s a brochure for a bank, email blasts for a bakery, blog articles for a an accounting firm or social media posts for a home improvement company, Dan always responds with succinct copy.”

Production Director - Point Pleasant, NJ

“I have worked with Dan since 2013 on articles and mini case studies for our company website. He is thoughtful, thorough, and immensely talented. For any large company looking to integrate a reliable freelance writer into their sales and marketing efforts, I would highly recommend going straight to Dan."

Senior Account Executive - Brooklyn, NY

"Daniel is the ideal content marketer. He has an amazing ability to transform complex topics into engaging, shareable content."

Partner/Head of Strategy - San Diego, CA

“After years of struggling to find a remote copywriter who could meet our fast-paced marketing agency needs, we discovered Daniel. He asks the right questions and is agile in delivering great work, often under tight deadlines."

President/Owner - Point Pleasant, NJ

"Daniel is responsive, creative and a strong communicator. He can write about a variety of topics with enthusiasm and ease. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a dependable writer."

Senior Editor - Fort Wayne, IN

“Daniel can turn a seed of an idea into a tree; a piece of carbon into a diamond. He takes the time to truly understand his clients, and crafts prose that reflects what they are trying to say – in their own voice! I highly recommend Daniel for any project. He's an incredible writer, storyteller, and all-around thinker."

Artist/Product Designer - Philadelphia, PA

“Daniel has been a pleasure to work with for three years now, first as a staff writer, and now as a freelancer. Not only is he an exceptional writer, editor and manager of digital and print content; he is a trusted strategic partner who collaboratively holds our organization accountable to campaign deadlines and marketing initiatives."

VP, Business Development - New York, NY

“Daniel is a gifted communicator – plain and simple. He synthesizes a brand and voice into actionable content that people can not only understand, but enjoy."

Founder/Head of Client Relations - San Diego, CA


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