Welcome To The Corner

As much as I love to write, I’ve never had my own blog before.

Surprising, right? I’ve written hundreds of blog articles for all sorts of clients, and I even manage some of their blogs on a daily basis. I’ve been an unknown voice to probably hundreds of thousands of people around the world, and yet for the longest time I deferred the idea of starting a blog here on my website.

Being immersed in marketing for the past few years, I’ve spent pretty much all of my time writing for work. More and more people have started to ask me, “Do you ever write anything just for fun?” The answer, to this point, has always been, “Not much lately. I’m just focused on building my business. It’s all fun to me.” True. But it’s time to take this show to the next level. Welcome to The Corner, your new source for all things content-related (and some things not).

Here I’ll share tips and tidbits on:

• Marketing
• Copywriting
• Editing
• Productivity
• Workflow
+ More

I’ll also keep you updated on my latest work, aware of current Daniel Gordon Writes promotions and inspired with general thoughts on life. I may even share an occasional piece of artwork or creative writing. The best part? I’m writing for my clients and building my copywriting business at the same time. Now when they ask me about fun, I can say in all honesty that writing doesn’t get more fun than this.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support Daniel Gordon Writes. The Corner is a place for us to hang out and learn together. Grab a cold one, raise it up, drink it down and come back soon. I’ll be here.